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Savannah in Three Parts: Part One

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

My Savannah Vacation deserves three parts. It was hot as hell but really fun. After spending the night in Wrightsville Beach, we hit the road to Savannah. It was mostly driving through South Carolina. Our hotel was in downtown Savannah which was nice and walkable. After being in the car for so long, we needed to refresh and get changed before heading out to the bars. Our first stop was at Zunzi's which was literally two blocks away.

Even though it was hot, it was great to have some snacks and a cocktail. Starting the day off strong! I saw on TikTok all about Zunzi's and how it has to go cocktails. I love that Savannah is an open container city. It reminds me about how fun New Orleans is and the culture around drinking and eating. After getting a cocktail and one to go, we walked around and planned out the next bar/ideas for the night.

Our Next Stop was Olde Pinkies. This local dive bar is a cash only bar and it has great cocktails and great vibes. I loved the one corner bar aesthetic and it was full of locals. Part of why I had such a great time that first night was that after a couple cocktails here, we were picked up and taken on a night of fun by some locals. It was great to get the experience of the locals and feel connected to them.

So far, my time in Savannah was great! Hell of a hangover the next day but that's for the next blog!

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