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One Last Night in Wilmington

On the tail end of my vacation, I made one last stop in one of my favorite places in the world. Wilmington, NC is a great city and it's super chill. It changed a lot since I spent time there for college. I graduated in 2014 and I've been back once before this since then. I miss the town and of course spent a bit of my night walking around and making sure that my favorite places still exist.

One Stop on the train: Front Street Brewery

As you know when you get walking around and a little nostalgic, it can be nice to be around something that's familiar and cozy. This brewery was a fun place for me to go with my family and friends (especially when my parents would pay for it). It's a sort of makeshift Bourbon and Beer bar. They have a full bar and food but mostly focus on those two. My favorite bar food is here: fried pickles. I'm telling you this is one of the best!

Sauced: Fries and Cocktails, yes please!

The next stop on the trip before dinner was heading to Sauced. This bar was new for me but I loved the simple idea and the cocktails were top tier. The fries are air fried so not as crispy but you can choose from a bunch of dips. I'm definitely a mayo fry girl but I liked having all the variety.

Hotel Bar: Aloft Wilmington on the Water

The final stop of the evening was heading to the hotel rooftop bar. I wanted to have a night where I could chill and relax. Also have a little time reminiscing about my time in the city and seeing how much it's changed. It was a great top off for my vacation plus the smoked old fashioned made me feel so fancy!

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