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Let's update some Basics for the New Year

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

The New Year has come around again! As I spent my holiday season gorging on food and family time, I also took some time to create some elevated cocktails for your pleasure and mine. I'm calling this series "Not Basic but Basic" and it's going to include updates to some of everyone's favorite go to or standard cocktails. First things first, we are starting with my favorite twist on my go to dive bar drink: Whiskey Ginger. It's the cocktail that gives you the whiskey hit but also doesn't overpower you plus it's super simple (dive bar standard). My version adds in two things: Cointreau and Orange juice. This extra flavor helps balance the ginger and opens up the whiskey.

Dive Bar Standards

Whiskey Ginger


2 oz Irish Whisky (or whatever whiskey/Whisky you like)

1/2 oz Cointreau

1 oz Orange Juice

Top with Ginger Ale

Garnish: Orange Slice

Recipe: In the most simple fashion, pour your whisky, cointreau, and orange juice into a cocktail shaker with ice. Give it a nice shake and pour into a double old fashioned or highball glass with ice. Give it a stir as you pour in your ginger ale. This is a great cocktail for when you want to be fancy but also not that much and you're kind of lazy. It's simple. It hits. And that is why you can't help but love it.

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