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Holiday Punch punches you right in the gut

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

Holiday Punch is not just the name of a lip smacker lip balm that I got for Christmas. It also happens to be how I get rid of the leftover holiday party liquor. I love holiday punches because they are simple batch cocktail that you and your guests can decide how much alcohol they consume. This year I had some leftover rum from my parties and I decided to make a festive rum punch to help clear up my liquor cabinet. The recipe is simple and requires no real prep time. This makes it a perfect last minute gathering cocktail or just something to make ahead of your Netflix binge (currently I'm going through Emily in Paris and Witcher).

Holiday punch


1 cup Dark rum

1 cup White rum

1 cup Hypnotiq

1 cup Orange juice

1/2 cup Lime juice

Top with Ginger ale/ginger beer

Garnish: orange glitter and lime wedge

Recipe: in a pitcher, pour rum, Hypnotiq, orange juice, and lime juice. Stir and add ice /. Pour into a highball with ice. Fill about halfway (or how much you want in terms of strength) and then top with ginger ale (if you want sweeter) or ginger beer (if you want more bitter).

PRO TIP: You can make punch with these simple steps: two or three kinds of alcohol, two mixers, and balance out the sweetness and sugar. You want your base of alcohol to pair nicely with your choice of mixer (go for a balancing citrus). You should always have the option on the side of something to lighten the alcohol (sparkling water, club soda, ginger ale). This gives the best of both worlds: a fun punch to get the party started and a personal choice for your guests.

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