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Champagne Sunday with Northanger Abbey

This Sunday, I'm having a champagne and book day! This champagne cocktail is a perfect sipping cocktail for when you want to read or watch a movie. This one goes out to the drama and young love filled Northanger Abbey. A champagne cocktail perfect for sipping and reading.


Champagne Cocktail


Top with Brut Champagne

2 oz Elderflower Liqueur

1 oz Lime Juice

Dash of Purple Glitter

Three Sprigs of Thyme

Garnish: Thyme Sprig

Recipe: In a cocktail shaker, muddle thyme. Add ice then lime juice and elderflower liqueur. Dash in purple glitter. Close and Shake until cold. Double Strain into a coupe glass. Top with champagne. Enjoy cold and be wary of thyme getting into the glass!

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