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Night Out in Baltimore

This Wednesday, I'm sharing a date night highlight that you can hit up if you live in Baltimore or are visiting. This local haunt is a fun find that shows off my new city and my love of cocktails. Today I'm highlighting the pretty and unique Blooms bar in the Ulysses hotel in the Mount Vernon Neighborhood. I love this bar for the ambiance and the unique style. Not everyone is into a velvet flower couch but to me it's great!

Cocktail Feature: Bourbon Old Fashioned

Review: Blooms is a super cute spot! From the Velvet couches to the small bar, it's definitely a hidden gem. While the place doesn't offer food more than a few snacks, Blooms is perfect for a date night where you need a place for cocktails. It's a simple spot that's very cozy and cute for a date night.

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