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It's Monday and I'm lazy Cocktail Day

I promise that I'm going to be better at blogging. Working multiple jobs right now has made me simplify my cocktail routine and go back to the basics. I sometimes get so stuck in my head that I forget to enjoy the little things.

A Drunk Shirley Temple

Bourbon cocktail

When it comes to simple cocktails, I go for bourbon mostly and just a few other ingredients. This one is the perfect simple but pretty cocktail that makes you feel fancy but also doesn't require a ton of work. I used to drink Shirley Temples when my parents would take me to fancy restaurants (or like any restaurant) because they made me feel so fancy and crazy cool. This is my grown up version: taking the sweet and making a little bitter and fun. Like we all get after childhood.


2 oz Bourbon

1 oz Lime juice

1/2 oz Grenadine

Top with Ginger Beer

Recipe: In a highball glass, pour grenadine. Add ice, then bourbon and lime juice. Give it a nice stir. Pour in some ginger beer (whatever style that you like) and keep the stir going. I like to garnish with moonshine cherries cause they also provide a hit but I totally see some maraschino cherries working too.

Bloody Long Day I say

Bourbon sour

There is no wrong time to have a sour. It works in all temperatures, all day, and everyone loves them. Whether you have gin or whiskey, this cocktail easily fits the palette. I love a sour because it's so easy to make and I can just do it after I've spent all day at my desk and need something that pleases me but doesn't take all day to do. Plus I love blood oranges. They are so tasty and every time I see them, I have to buy them. I currently have too many of them but wouldn't you rather have too many than too little?


2 oz Bourbon

1/2 oz Cointreau (orange liqueur)

1/2 oz Lemon Juice

1 oz Blood Orange juice

1/2 oz Simple syrup

Recipe: In a shaker with ice, pour all ingredients. Give it a good shake and pour into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a blood orange peel

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