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It's like a Pastel Goth Holiday or something

Easter is a pastel goth's dream. It has candy, pastel hues, and is surrounded around a religious holiday celebrating life and death. For me, I am a huge fan of Peeps and sugar so I love it. For this holiday, I wanted to create pastel cocktails that are both pretty, tasty, and unexpected. My key to the unexpected: elevating cocktails with Lillet Blanc. Lillet Blanc is a great balancing liqueur that is used for many classic cocktails like the Vesper Martini and Corpse Reviver.

A Champagne Spritz to Spritz you Up

Champagne Cocktail


1 to 1/2 oz Gin

3/4 oz Lillet Blanc

1 oz Lemon juice

Brut Champagne (Best if Extra Dry or Dry Champagne)

Garnish: Yellow Glitter and Lemon Wedge

Recipe: If you have been following me at all, you have seen how much I love my bubbles. I'm a big fan of celebrations and bubbly is a perfect fit for any celebration! This cocktail is an easy peasy champagne cocktail. In a cocktail shaker with ice, pour gin, Lillet Blanc, and lemon juice. If you find lemon juice to be a little sour, you can always a little simple syrup (like a half ounce). You give it a good shake and pour into a chilled coupe glass. If you want to step it up, add some yellow glitter in the glass and stir it up. Then top with the bubbly. I would definitely pair this cocktail with a snack and something with salt will help with the sweetness and smoothness of the cocktail (I had a pretzel with mine but there are many salt forward options-bubbles is really good with chips). This cocktail is perfect for a Easter Sunday brunch or party. It's a cocktail for sharing and celebrating!

Just put some bourbon in it and call it a day

Bourbon Mule



Lime juice

Ginger Beer

Garnish: Purple Glitter and Lime wedge

Recipe: I love a simple cocktail for Easter weekend. This option is perfect for when you want to have a chill celebration and want to enjoy a drink on your back porch. All you have to do is grab your glass and some ice. Pour bourbon and lime. Stir it up. Top with ginger beer. You can add in some purple glitter for sparkle and a lime wedge for personal taste. One thing I love about mules is that you can make it your own. You are able to taste and play and enjoy. You can switch the alcohol but the base remains the same. When I have backyard parties or barbecues, I love to have the mule option because I want my guests to customize their drink and also I'm not spending my entire party making individual cocktails. Choice but limited choice is the best party secret.

Cherry my Cherry Blossom



1 oz Sake

1 oz Gin

1/2 oz Cherry Liqueur

1/2 oz Lemon Juice

Garnish: Pink Glitter and Lemon Twist

Recipe: The key to this cocktail (and pretty much anytime you use Sake) is to chill the Sake before you use it. This makes the cocktail super delicious and makes Sake taste better. For this cocktail, you pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice. Give it a good shake and then pour into a Nick and Nora glass (or small martini glass). Add a little pink glitter and a lemon twist. Then you get the perfect Easter martini to enjoy after a long day of sugar and feasting. This cocktail is a perfect after dinner (or before dinner) and especially delightful if you are sipping outside on a beautiful spring day! What else could you want?

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