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Derby Day Cocktails who people who hate bourbon

It's almost Derby Day! The holiday where southern people drink bourbon and yell at horses. In honor of this, I thought that I would share my recipes for people who want to be a team player of celebrating the holiday but don't love the taste of bourbon. It's not like everyone does!

Something is in this lemonade

Bourbon Lemonade


2 oz Bourbon

1 oz Chambord (Raspberry Liqueur)

1 oz Lemon juice

1/2 oz Simple Syrup (or less)

Garnish: Raspberries

Recipe: This is a great cocktail because you can replace the fruit with your preferred flavor. I like raspberry because it makes the lemonade sweet and pairs nicely with a good quality bourbon. You can also reduce simple syrup because raspberry liqueur has a higher sugar amount. To make it, you pour all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake it up and pour into a highball or double old fashioned glass with ice. Garnish with some raspberries and you have a simple and delightful cocktail. This cocktail is perfect for Derby Day! It fits in a tea party and at home. Wherever you watch the race or have a party, this cocktail will be strong but not overpowering. Perfect for those who are fearful of the bourbon knockout feeling.

It's like mostly fruit or something

Bourbon Ginger


2 1/2 oz Bourbon

3 oz Blackberry GingerAle

1 oz Lime Juice

Garnish: Blackberries

Recipe: This one goes out to my favorite dive bar drink. I love a bourbon and ginger. It's a simple way to enjoy hard liquor without being overwhelmed. It's also freaking simple so no bartender hates you. To make this version, you pour bourbon and lime juice into a highball glass with ice. Give it a little stir as you pour in the blackberry ginger ale. That's it. Just add a few blackberries and you are golden. This cocktail is perfect for when you don't want to bartend all night. You set up a little drink station at your derby party and let your guests set themselves up. Like the previous cocktail that fruit flavor really does the work to cover the bourbon. Bourbon is a great liquor choice because it does really easily pair and work with flavors. This cocktail is a perfect entrance to bourbon without being overwhelming.

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