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At home workouts

Take some time for you. It's crucial to add a little at home workout. On snow days or dealing with a pandemic, you have to adapt to the environment. Sometimes you just can't go outside for your workout. But that doesn't mean you should skip it. When creating at home workouts, you should think about your body. Do you need a good stretch or a quick cardio?

Personally, I like to balance the two for my perfect workout. I start out with a good stretch to get my bones moving then go to cardio then stretch again. This gives my body a good jump (so necessary when we are stuck inside right?) and also eases you into it. Since I'm a runner, I usually just jump into running so when I have my off days I want to make sure I'm tending to my muscles and building strength.

At home workouts are also limited by the space that you have. If you have a short window and a small space, look for workouts that focus on stretching and also any cardio moments that can be done standing (high knees and squats). The larger the space, the more you can take up and stretch the whole body in a few movements. Using fitness apps can be helpful to get you started, I like to use the Adidas training app because it offers free workouts and plans. It also gives you the voice motivation which is great when you need encouragement or want to keep to a certain time. Going through different apps, focus on what you want out of the workout: do you want to tone? do you want to relax? do you need to get a cardio session in and sweat it out? This will help you to find the right workout.

My favorite tip for at home workouts: a workout playlist. I always pop in my headphones and blast a pumping playlist that gets me moving. Even if I'm just dancing around in my room, I'm still moving and grooving. It's perfect for when I have small breaks during the day or I've hit a wall. Just taking a step away and doing something that lets my brain relax is helpful.

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