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A Russian Twist

When I think of strong cocktails that also taste like dessert, I think about White Russians and Black Russians. This cocktail has found its' home in any number of cocktail bars and restaurants. For this post, I wanted to do a twist on the Russian milk cocktails.

White Christmas

Twist on a White Russian


2oz Vodka

1oz Kahlua

2oz Milk

Three Mint Leaves

Garnish: Peppermint Bark

Recipe: In a cocktail shaker with a little simple syrup, muddle the mint leaves. Then add a little ice (like max four ice cubes) and the rest of the ingredients. Give it a great shake and pour into a double old fashioned glass over an ice cube. Garnish with a piece of peppermint bark. (Highly suggest dipping the bark in a little bit to add flavor and also up the ante on your peppermint bark.

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